What do we propose ?


The sleeping. Our 5 rooms are equipped with linen (sheets, towels).
The beds are equipped with duvets. Each room has its private bathroom.

The sweet and savory breakfast includes local yogurt and homemade jam.

Dinners after an friendly aperitif . The cuisine is primarily family, traditional based on fresh produce if possible from the area.

Dinners. The cuisine is often Provencal or Mediterranean inspiration with flavors (spices, aromatics) more distant.

Here are some of our specialties ...

as a starter, a spinach and sichuan pepper pie or a "Gaspa'chaud" (the famous Andalusian evening soup version in the mountains), followed by a brandade of cod with fennel seeds or a Provencal stew with orange zest accompanied of "Pol'Etna" (creamy polenta Piedmontese volcanic version), finally a crème brûlée with genépi or fondant chocolate-chestnut ...

Lea's cooking style

I was often asked where I had learned to cook ... A bit like Obelix for the magic potion!

An epicurean-mediterranean Pao dad for creativity, two generous grannies, one Corsican, the other ardéchoise for the turn of hand and sharing. And the pleasure of exploring the cuisines of the world for the little touch and more (gallery below to travel ...).


Here are some of our products:

- Cheeses and yogurts: from the cooperative Laitière du Chambeyron 

- Rhubarb, aromatic herbs and green salads:

from our vegetable garden in the summer season.

- Eggs: from our hens

- The meat: The lamb of the Farm Garrino the beef and pork of the Hautes Alpes.

- Coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, fruit juice: organic and / or Fair Trade.

- Summer fruits: apricots, peaches, melon, ... of Provence.

- The apples of the Plaine de Theus.

- Potatoes: from a neighboring farmer.

- Polenta and flour : Piedmontese mill  nearby.

- Bread: organic sourdough home made bread 

- Wine: organic wine from Vaucluse.

- The beer: The Wild at the foot of the Col de Vars.

- Seasonal citrus and zests all year long from Court Circuit Ubayen.

Food allergies or intolerances must be reported at the time of booking

in order to assess together if it is possible to adapt, if this is not done

at this time, no different meal can be prepared at the last moment

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The Guest House is open In june, july and august. 

We also offer another type of accommodation, a house in free management, with a capacity of 2 to 14 people, totally independent of the Guest House, here.