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Regarding the GR5:
n the Ceillac / Maljasset stage (step preceding Maljasset in the north / south direction)
Coming down from Col Girardin, there are two possibilities:

the "real" GR that goes down on La Barge in yellow

the bifurcation for Maljasset in red.

The true GR is softer, the terrain more "easy". He brings a little before the Barge. It is necessary to return on Maljasset by the road on 1 kilometer.

The "all-right" on Maljasset is steep, the land composed of small gravel on dry land can be a little slippery.

The first part is specially  testing. We advise the first possibility by the "true" GR.


On stage Maljasset / Larche (next step Maljasset without the North / South direction)

For the stage Maljasset / Larche, the GR5 usually crosses Fouillouse but there is also the possibility of going through Italy on this stage, cutting it in two stages. For this, you have to sleep in the pretty village of Chiaperra or are offered several accommodations (on the map of the Tour du Chambeyron on our page "how to care?").

This trip to Italy allows to discover the magnificent panorama of the Vallon of Mary on the needles of Marinet, the waterfall of Stroppia, the Rocca Provenzale.

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