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What is there to do?



- Hiking : from the house at least a dozen ballads to the day that will make you discover sheepfolds, lakes, glaciers, breathtaking views.

The classics are the lakes of Marinet, the  Longet pass, The lakes of Houerts ...

The house is located on a stage of the GR5, the Via Alpina, the Tour du Chambeyron, the small Rubren Bric Tour, or the Rubren Bric Tour, the Font de la Font Tour, and the Tour de l' Ubaye, Tour du Queyras, Tour of Haut Piedmont.

Tips for hikers of the GR5 (here)

The rugged wilderness is a paradise for geologists and botanists! Practicing hiking, mountain running, climbing and mountain biking, we can advise you.

- Large climbing routes : Large Needle, Pierre André Needle, Chambeyron Needles, Wild Boar Head, Red Summit, Peouvou ... Two climbing school-sites for all levels within a radius of five kilometers.

- Mountain bike : Col Mary, Col du Longet for more accessible.

- Other sports : water sports centers are scattered all along the valley and offer rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hydro-speed.

Road bike with the Vars pass, Restefond pass, Cayolle pass, Allos pass ...

The Tour du Chambeyron is a must,

the Tour to the twelve wild lakes !

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you organize your tailor-made Tour, between Ubaye, Piemont and Mercantour.


- Snowshoes and ski touring : on snowshoes, the classics are The Valley of Mary, the Plan of Parouart. In ski touring, the Alpet, the Tour of the Large Needle, the Low Point of Mary, Tuissier ...

All topos from Maljasset on SKITOUR.


- The Museum of the Valley in Saint Paul allows to discover the traditional rural life through the house and the tools. The Maurin church dates from the sixteenth century 300 meters from the house allows the entire site to be classified, green marble quarry 20 minutes walk. Many fortifications of the Maginot Line to visit also throughout the Haute Vallée. The bridge of Châtelet between two impressive canyons is also classified. The turn of the Sundials of the Ubaye. From the bottom of the valley to Barcelonnette, many other museums and natural sites to explore.

- Finally the Larche pass (France / Italy) allows a change of scenery. The Piedmont is a 45-minute drive from the House, many small Italian villages to explore: Museum of Pastoralism in Pontebernardo, Maizoun smuggler in Ferriere ... Less than 100 kilometers, Cuneo and its weekly market allow an excursion to the Alps to the day.,

IGN Map Top 25, 3637 OT (Mt Viso-St Veran) Map IGN 3538 ET (Needles of Chambeyron) which is the most useful. IGN card 3537 ET (Guillestre, Vars, Risoul) these cards can be ordered on Maljasset is on 3 IGN cards but you can order your card on demand on the IGN website in order to center Maljasset on this personalized card. We tried this service, it is interesting to avoid the purchase of 3 cards. The Topo Guide PR 39 of the FFRP "The Valley of the Ubaye on foot". There is a new Climbing Topo in Ubaye: "La Grimpe en Ubaye", Colin Michel CAF Many books on hiking or skiing: "3000 without borders Southern Alps", Editions Gap. "Ski touring -Alpes du Sud", Editions Olizane. "Ubaye, Toponeige Alpes de Haute Provance" by Hervé Foucher, Volopress editions.

The Guest House is open In june, july and august. 

We also offer another type of accommodation, a house in free management, with a capacity of 2 to 14 people, totally independent of the Guest House, here.

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